Defaico club furniture for Urbandaddy Club

Defaico case four: Defaico club furniture for Urbandaddy Club
Time: Dec.2014
Client: Sterling Portfolio Company
Attn: Bradley  Parker
Country: America
City: Chicago 
Products: Egg chair, leather bar stools, tables and sofa set......
Our Defaico supply our club series furniture with esteemed Urbandaddy Club in Chicago USA. With our high quality furniture, this club become one of the famous club there. Our aviation series gives this club an special taste for each client. Besides our leather furniture, our Union Jack fabric series furniture is also a star there, which makes this club tobe a very excited place.
There are some showroom pictures for your more reference:

Picture one: 
Egg chairs, aviator sofa set and coffee table:

Picture two: 
Office set, including egg chair, office table and bookshelf:

Other picture: 
Union Jack sofa set, aviator sofa and stools and so on: