How to design and match a vintage style bar?

 Project Type: Bar


Furniture Style: Vintage

Furniture in this project: Vintage Bar Chair, Aviation Chair and Sofa, Chesterfield Sofa


Retro style is often used in restaurants and bars. This time our Brisbane client opened a new bar and chose the most textured vintage leather furniture as the main style of the bar.  These genuine leather furniture complement the interior decorations of the bar, cups, and tables. Whether it's a wooden frame bar chair or a metal frame bar chair, our bar chair is the perfect choice to add a touch of nostalgia to this bar.

The bar chair mainly chose our two styles. The first is our classic best-selling product: Leather Bar Stool Vintage Look Tall Stool with Rivets. The perfect combination of solid wood frame and genuine leather, the pull buckle design of the backrest, and the rivets at the edges all showcase the charm of handcrafting.


The second bar chair was chosen from our latest style of round backless leather bar chair. The overall frame of this bar chair is made of thickened stainless steel, and the golden color will make the entire chair look even more luxurious. Similarly, this bar chair also has a row of rivets under the cushion, all of which are manually hammered in.


In addition to the bar chairs, the lobby area of the bar also incorporates our classic Chesterfield sofa and Aviation chairs. Aluminum sheet and genuine leather are indispensable parts of the retro style. We have many different designs of aluminum sheet furniture, which can be found on our website: Choose more styles.


Besides bar chairs, we can also customize booth seating and bar tables. If you also want to customize furniture for your restaurant, bar, or any other place, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to work with you to complete a perfect project.





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