How to get More Cigar Lounge Decor Ideas


How to get More Cigar Lounge Decor Ideas

For most men in the city, a common getaway is cigar lounges or man cave, wine room. They are a gentlemens ultimate relaxing escape to unwind and socialize, whether it is downtime with the ones or business meetings.

 cigar lounge chair

Nowadays the Cigar lounge or man cave is not only decorated by vintage furniture, but also use modern design and living furniture.

There is a perfect man cave cigar lounge in Hong Kong which decorated by our Defaico. We decorate this cigar lounge ideas to pull off a unique design by our famous British designs chesterfield sofa, vintage leather tub chair, vintage club chair and some modern marble coffee table and so on.

Let us check this tub club chair firstly. The sparkle of this tub chair is the vintage leather we used.Our Defaico has our own tanning leather workshop. All raw leather material is selected from Brazil imported top cow leather, after hand-grinding and moistureproof &antifouling processed, all Defaico leather is with natural texture, soft feeling, wear well and with retro/vintage taste. Thickness of leather is approximately 1.0-1.2mm.

We have two typs of leather: Archaize Leather: with crack effect and well wear with more retro cracks. Vintage Leather: a little softer feeling with handcfrafted leather texrure. Customers can choose the leather they want based on requirements.

chesterfield sofa 

 This cigar lounge is famous for its British designs, vintage-look furniture and exciting bar decor. This union jack vintage leather chesterfield sofa is one of classic chesterfield sofa series. Most people like the union jack design because the painting is 100% handmade by our workers. Not all factories can finish this design successfully, just our Defaico can make this perfectly because our workers have more than 10 year experience on vintage-look painting.
leather armchair

For a more modern atmosphere, they decor this cigar lounge with luxury marble coffee table and side table. We also produce marble coffee table to match vintage-look furniture. All our marbles are selected natural marbles, with 72 process flows of polished, grinded, end produced and so on by strictly control to make sure the effect of lighting surface, artistic and substantial. The most popular marble we use including Volakas white, Black marquine, Silver dragon and Imported emperador and so on.
vintage leather armchair

As one of the most classiest cigar lounges in Hong Kong, it is a cosy retreat from the busy commercial areas of central district. It is furnished with plush leather tub armchairs and provides over 100 private lockers, private room for VIPs and a breezy terrace for customers and their companions who prefer a more open-air seating.

As a relaxing and atmospheric lounge with plush seating and Chinese decor, you can enjoy fine quality Habanos over tea.
union jack sofa
vintag furniture

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