History of Chesterfield sofa


Most people in furniture field know Chesterfield sofa very well. Chesterfield sofa is a truly iconic and classic piece of furniture which with luxury leather and deep buttoning. Chesterfield sofa always used in hotel lobbies and lounges or home use.

chesterfield sofa

Why Chesterfield sofa can be so popular all over the world? Let our Defaico show you some main reasons:


Now let us tell you what sofa is a Chesterfield sofa firstly. Main characteristic of Chesterfield sofa is the large and rolled arms which are with same height with the back. There are deep button tufting on back and seat by leather or fabric upholstered traditionally.

In mid 1700s, Chesterfield sofa designed by Lord Philip. He wanted to created a sofa with a low seat and high back to allow his gentlemen to sit comfortably without creasing their suits. In mid-19th Century, Chesterfield sofa became very popular then. Maybe you dont know that the original Chesterfield sofa was filled with horsehair and tufted to help them to keep shapes, which can make them rigid and unforgiving to sit on for a long time.

Chesterfield sofa was a status symbol, only appearing in wealthy home, surrounded by truly grand decor. And then Chesterfield sofa became popular in Londons club, relax space. You can still visit some of the clubs today and touch the original Chesterfield sofa, which is incredible durability.

Many designers use Chesterfield sofa decorations from traditional deep leather Chesterfield to more modern fabric styles. And there are Chesterfield chairs, Chesterfield bed which can be matched with Chesterfield sofa.

chasterfield sofa

Now in Defaico, we have Chesterfield sofa upholstered by vintage genuine leather, velvet fabric, canvas fabric. Whether you are dreaming of a luxury velvet Chesterfield sofa, or vintage style high end Chesterfield sofa, you can have a bespoke Chesterfield sofa made by Defaico.

 chasterfield sofa

We introduce one of our new leather Chesterfield sofa today for you:This beautiful, classic chesterfield lounge from Defaico is available in your choice of leather. This red washed off leather is designed by our designer and confirm with clients, make at least 7 times tests to get this effect. Its construction of hardwood and plywood frame is backed up by a 10 year warranty on the frame. The seat is fully buttoned with non-sag springs in the base and pocket springs in the cushions ensuring long life and comfort.

Welcome to give us customize requirements on any style!