Which industrial furniture in on trend now?


Which industrial furniture is on trend now?


Retro industrial style furniture becomes more and more popular nowadays. Many designers use this kind of furniture to decor restaurant, apartment, hotel and so on. There is one shipping container furniture which is on trend now. Most of the shipping container furniture has load container shape, distressed metal and matched with storing space. Shipping containers are awesome.  Sure, they’re industrial levels of ugly, but they’re super functional.  So functional, in fact, that we use them for a whole load of things beyond transporting goods, such as temporary shelters. 

 container cabinet 

The top one popular shipping container furniture is Retro Industrial Style Mini Shipping Container Small Side Table.

cargo container cabinet

Available in more than 20 vibrant colors choice to match any decor, the heavy duty Iron Container Side Table offers an industrial look that is on trend. Each side table has a swing door detail and "payload" detail written on it. Includes: 1 container Size: 15.7×15.0×18.9 inch. Material: Iron. Uses: Everyday use, unique home decor, eclectic/industrial styles, etc. It has 2 door swing directions, which will be shipped randomly.

 container table

The next model is Shipping Container Medium Side Table Cabinet


This medium Cargo Cabinets are styled after the iconic, brightly colored shipping crates that can be seen stacked high in port towns all over the world. Functional and striking, these cabinets will set the tone for any room and provide more than enough storage. The Large Cargo Cabinets make a strong impression individually, but completely change a room when paired together. Two doors open wide for unrestricted access to the cabinet’s interior.The Cargo Cabinets have realistic markings like those found on authentic storage crates.

 container furniture


Final popular model is one of our Shipping Container Bookshelf

Industrial and modern with attractive open shelving and a cabinet for hidden storage, this industrial bookcase delivers on all fronts. Keep the upper shelves nice and tidy to display your favorite reads and mementos. Below you’ve got plenty of room for storage. The lower cabinet conceals your clutter and provides tons of space to stash your necessities. The industrial cabinet doors and corner details add to the rustic feel of this piece.


Besides these popular shipping container side tables and bookshelf, our Defaico supply shipping container coffee table, wine cabinet, bed, writing desk and so on. If you have interests in our industrial retro shipping container furniture, kindly contact us.