How to decorate office to be cool and fashionable?

 How to decorate office to be cool and fashionable?


Our Defaico have helped such many clients to complete their office interior design service since 2014. Most of our clients choose our vintage style furniture to make office decoration. And this style is very steady and atmospheric. Most clients choose aviator table, egg chair, swan chair, matched with chesterfield sofa or other wide couch. We have to say this is a very great choice when considering office decoration.


However there is a client from Oakland United States want to make office more modern and fashionable, but use our furniture design. As an experienced and professional interior design team, we suggest gray and blue as main colors to make furniture customization, and delivered a perfect project to our client, our Defaico turn each quality design from conception to completion by our strive and high quality furniture.


There are some final design pictures below for your reference.
office furniture

It is one of the leisure zone in the office. Dark gray leisure chairs matched with blue genuine leather couch makes this zone very comfortable. Anyone who comes here can sit down and take a cup of coffee.


It is another leisure zone below, but looks unique and amazing. It is a little more business style but looks so unique matched with this Pommel horse stool. Everybody who comes into this office wants to test this pommel horse stool normally.


Look at the total room design here. Meeting chairs are also in blue genuine leather with wheels, which is not same as normal office chair in black or brown.
office decoratioin


We help client choose furniture from our catalog and make furniture customization as clients new requirements. We start this project from furniture drawing to sample, and then to final finished items. We take care every details and each step to make sure high quality furniture finished.

If you also need to make office decoration, pls contact our Defaico.


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